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CUSTOMS : A facility where operations are conducted and legal procedures for import or export .

CUSTOMS AGENT : A person or entity that is the importer to the formalities of the DIAN .

Tariff : A tax or charge that you must cancel the importer for the imported goods .

IMPORT STATEMENT : A document where the information supporting general merchandise importer and imported .

Andina DECLARATION OF VALUE : A supporting document which specifies general information and wreck importer actually paid for the goods , this paper it should have the countries of the Andean Community.

CUSTOMS DEPOSITS : Places enabled storage imported goods under Customs control .
DUMPING : It is unfair competition within the market.

CUSTOMS SUPERVISION : The DIAN is the only entity authorized to perform the inspection of goods , make a documentary or physical review of goods.

IMPORT ORDINARY : The merchandise of foreign origin entering the customs territory paying customs duties, is freely available and indefinitely .

INSPENCION CUSTOMS : The customs control of imported goods either documentary. Physical or automatically.

Comercal WORTHLESS IMPORTED MERCHANDISE : Is that good imported in order to use advertising , display or laboratory samples.

NON MERCHANDISE TRADE : The merchandise entering the country with the agreement of another country for disasters or natural disasters.

REDUCTIONS : Is the loss of a number of goods.

LIFTING OF MERCHANDISE : When the goods have already been inspected by the DIAN and paid the respective customs duties the importer may make use of the goods and is freely available at

GROSS WEIGHT : The total weight including product and packaging.

NET WEIGHT : The weight of the products not including packaging .

PRE - INSPECTION : The process of revision of the goods by a customs broker before DIAN perform the inspection of the goods.

Harmonized System : The tariff nomenclature, which is assigned to the goods to identify a product .

GRANT : Is the loan a bank makes to the importer for payment of an import.

CUSTOMS UNION : The agreement between two or more countries to eliminate trade barriers.

FOB VALUE : Is the cost, insurance , freight and other expenses means "Free and board " free on board and is a term of international negotiation.

VUCE : Single window of foreign trade.

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