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ARCHIVIST : Professional higher level graduate archival .

ARCHIVAL : Discipline is the theoretical, practical and technical aspects of the files .

STOCK : Set of documents, whatever their date , form and support material accumulated in a natural process by a person or public or private entity , in the course of his administration, preserved respecting that order to serve as evidence and information to the person or institution that produces and citizens , or as sources of history .

STOCK PUBLIC : Set of documents belonging to government agencies and those derived from the provision of public services by private entities.

PRIVATE STOCK PUBLIC INTEREST : One who by their value for the history , research , science or culture is of public interest and declared by the legislature .

TOTAL STOCK : A concept that refers to the overall process of the documents in its life cycle.

ACCESS TO RECORDS : The right of citizens to information held consulting the public archives in the terms set forth by law

AUTOMATION : Application of technological means for storage and retrieval processes of
documentary and electronic records information.

Archiving WEB ( WEBARCHIVING ) : Process fraction collection or parts of the World Wide Web and the assurance that the collection is kept in a file or information system for future researchers , historians and the general public .

LIFE CYCLE OF DOCUMENT: successive stages through which they pass documents from production or reception managing files and administrative files and temporary storage until disposal or integration to a permanent file.

PAPER STOCK : Registration information produced or received by a person or entity by reason of his activity or duties , which have administrative , fiscal, or legal value , or scientific, economic , historical or cultural value and should be preserved.

ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT : Document whose support material is some kind of electronic device and wherein the content is encoded using some kind of digital code that can be read or played with the help of detectors magnetization.

ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT FILE : Recording information created or received by a public or private entity providing public services because of their activities or functions using electronic means.

DISPOSAL DOCUMENTARY : Activity resulting disposal identified in the withholding tables or documentary assessment documents for those who have lost their primary and secondary values ​​, while retaining your information to other media .

MIXTURE : A technique by which loose folios are grouped to give a book. The product of the filling unit is called " file " .

ARCHIVE FEATURE : Activities related to the entire archival work, ranging from the development of the document to disposal or permanent preservation.

ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT (GED ) : A GED is a software system that enables you to keep information from the institution on the one hand that comes from physical paper files and on the other that contained in electronic files.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT : A set of techniques aimed at administrative and planning, management and organization of documents produced and received by the entities from their origin to their final destination in order to facilitate its use V conservation.

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT ( RECORDS MANAGEMENT) : Document Management . Area responsible for an efficient and systematic control of the creation management , receipt , maintenance, use and disposition of records , including processes to incorporate and maintain in the form of documents , information and evidence of the activities and operations of the organization.

SEARCH TOOLS : Document containing detailed information about a specific collection of documents or records within the file of an institution.

DOCUMENTARY HERITAGE : Set of preserved historical or cultural value documents.

REGISTRATION ( REGISTRATION) : Act by which a document is allocated a unique identifier at the time of entry into the system.

ELECTRONIC DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (ELECTRONIC RECORDS MANAGEMENT) : A set of programs used for storing electronic documents recovered V V / or digital images of paper documents originally supported .

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM ( SYSTEM RECORDS ) DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM : Information system that incorporates , manages and provides access to documents over time .

DOCUMENTARY SUPPORT : Media in which the information is contained, according to the materials or technological means used . In addition to paper files are the visual, photographic , film, computer , oral and audio files .

DOCUMENT RETENTION TABLE : List of series with corresponding document types to which the residence time is allocated in each stage of the life cycle of documents

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